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Community Endorsements

I am humbled and grateful from the notes of support I’ve received from members of our community.


John Craig-

Over the past 4 years, I had the distinct honor of serving on the Brevard County School Board with Misty Belford. While I only met Misty during our campaigningevents, I quickly realized she was by far the most prepared, qualified and professional candidate in any School Board race that year. As we head into the final weeks of the 2018 election, I am of the very same opinion. Misty is a consummate professional who does her research, listens to all sides and makes well-reasoned and principled decisions. She never stops learning and pushes others to expand their comfort zones while always pursuing the ultimate goal of quality and accessible educational opportunities for every student in Brevard. Misty continues to fight daily for improved wages and benefits for every Brevard Public School employee as she understands the needs of our employee group and the relationship to the success of our students. Her work on the District’s Strategic Plan and her deep involvement in the ongoing security upgrades make her an obvious choice for reelection. She is accessible, patient and extremely knowledgeable!!
It is my honor to endorse Misty’s reelection campaign and I encourage all voters in District 1 to join me in supporting her. I am a parent of two Brevard students and I know that Misty will continue to lead our school district and provide my children the very best opportunity to learn and prepare for the next step in their lives. We need to keep Misty Belford on the Brevard School Board. Her wisdom and demeanor are critical to the continued success of our Board and our District as we welcome a new Superintendent and continue to refine our educational programs. 
Please vote Misty Belford for Brevard County School Board, District 1!!

-Dan Diesel 

I want to add my support to Misty Belford for re- election to the District One school board seat!!

In my final 4 years ( of 35) at THS Misty was not only there for me and all of THS when I called on her. But she would call or e mail me just to see how things were at THS and asked what she could do to make things better!! YEP, she really did. She made sure that THS ,and all of District ones funding was up to snuff and that truly no child was left behind..

I was at a Parks and Recreation Board meeting recently when a BPS assistant superintendent used part of her presentation time to say “Make sure you all thank Misty Belford because without her support the opening of South Lake this year may not have become a reality” I can truly say that she has worked hard for THS — and she clearly has worked hard for all of District One here in North Brevard !!
Thank You Misty Belford, you have my support !!

- Monique Storey Muldowney

“I am supporting Misty Belford for District 1 School Board. I am starting my 32 year as an educator. I have had the privilege of working closely with Misty on several occasions. She works diligently to research educational issues and is knowledgeable of current legislation. Misty is available to those she serves. She regularly holds community forums to get input from all stakeholders. Misty is committed to serving our students, teachers and community. I encourage you to vote for Misty Belford on August 28. Her passion to education will make a positive difference for Brevard Public Schools.”


Robert L Jordan

“I believe Misty’s heart and values are well centered on our most precious gift, our children. She has proven to be forward thinking, honest and very approachable. Our children deserve outstanding representation and our teachers deserve an honest and thoughtful board member. Please vote for your children, vote for a great future, vote for Misty!”

-Rev. Glenn Dames

As most of you know in Brevard County in recent years, our public schools have been under assault as states have decreased funding and well-financed campaigns to promote voucher programs have gained momentum. As a result, desperately needed funding has been drained from the public school system. Very few leaders know how to face these challenges or communicate effectively with leaders in Tallahassee while still advocating for parents, students, and school employees in Brevard County. There is only one person who will create a positive solution to benefit her constituents in District 1 and work across the entire district to meet the needs of our children, that person is Misty Haggard-Belford.


Lauren Kelley Conley:

“I first met Misty Belford when we were both parents of Oak Park students. Misty completely revitalized and recreated the PTO at Oak Park, leading it to become an organization that made a real difference for parents, teachers, staff, and students. One thing I always liked about interacting with Misty was her calm demeanor. Misty never seems stressed; her responses are always measured and reasonable. She thinks things out and does her research. She is sincere in passion for Brevard Schools and will always do her best to represent everyone.”

Jan Nugent Quinn:

“I believe I met Misty Belford in 2008 as a mom and a friend. Through the years since, I have been impressed with her compassion and intelligence. When she made her decision to become a member of the School Board it was because she saw the needs and felt she could effect positive changes. Misty is slow to express any opinion until she's had a chance to investigate the situation and has weighed the options. She cares about the needs of the community both individually and corporately. Misty Belford is a very intelligent, well informed voice for the North Area.

Donna Allen Miller:

“I first met Misty while employed by the school board as a bus driver. She came to me asking questions regarding boundaries and bussing. A parent had approached her for answers. A perfect example of why Misty is the perfect candidate for re-election. I myself have had issues I needed answers to. Misty Belford is not only very approachable but will never disregard your questions or concerns. She will take the time to seek answers and gain knowledge no matter how big or how small the concerns of the people she serves are! She will always do her best to find answers and always follows up with you. She also served as a PTO President because she wants to make a difference in her community. Even out in the community if you run into her she will never make you feel she does not have time to listen and that’s one thing that in my opinion is an important duty in serving the people!

Let Misty continue to do what she does BEST AND THAT IS TO SERVE !! She truly is committed to education and if you haven’t met Misty I suggest you find a way to talk to her personally. You will quickly be able to confirm why she is the candidate I will endorse AGAIN! Her education alone speaks volumes on why she is in the right job to make a difference.Why change what’s working? She’s working hard and she has a passion for this job! She has my vote and my respect for so many reasons but I wanted to share just a few! RE-elect Misty Belford! She deserves your vote!”

Trisha Kelly Jones:

My friendship with Misty Belford began nine years ago when my children were in 1st grade and Pre-K. We met at a seminar she held at Oak Park Elementary on Family Communication. From that point, I knew she was dedicated to our kids and their education. She rallied the troops and became extremely involved in all aspects of the school. Knowing she cares about each, individual student means the most to me. She helped us, as I struggled with IEP accommodations and the support one of my sons needed and I will forever be thankful for her support. Fast forward to today and I can say she is the best choice for Brevard School Board District 1. The time, research, effort and work she puts in to every decision for Brevard Public Schools is to be commended. She is educated in the legislation and rules governing our states education department and the rights of our students and teachers. She has walked the capitol steps at Tallahassee, fighting for our students and teachers. As a mom of four boys in District 1 schools, Misty Belford is my choice!

Daniel Penton:

I usually don’t get to know people I’m voting for personally, but I have gotten to know Misty Haggard-Belford over the last few years, and I can testify that she is a person of the highest character. She’s the kind of leader who listens, does her homework and takes the time to get the community input on the agenda and issues facing our schools. She does the big things like giving teachers a 5% raise three years ago, reopening South Lake Elementary as a school of choice, and advocating for our kids in Tallahassee. She also does the little things like cleaning up litter, personally mentoring at-risk youth, and watching over swimming pools when little kids are present because she knows that accidental drowning is the #1 cause of death of children ages 1-4 years old. 
Misty has been an exceptional steward of the resources of our schools. I’m proud to support her as she continues to do the hard work of helping our schools support all of our kids.

Traci McGough :

I met Misty Belford in 2010. We were both parents that had mutual interests in mind when it came to the welfare of the families, teachers, and faculty of Oak Park Elementary. Along with other dedicated parents, she combined efforts to improve communication and provide missing elements that the school system couldn't provide on its own.

I was immediately impressed with Misty's dedication and innate ability to listen. She was recognized for her leadership skills, and was quickly voted in as the President of the Oak Park Parent Teacher Organization. She provided guidance; but only after listening first, performing all necessary research, and prioritizing needs. She managed all of this while keeping communication constant.

Misty's skill set is truly impressive. More importantly, she consistently provides a perfect balance of compassion and honest professionalism.

I trust her. 

Mary Shanley:


  Friends once again this election year I will be voting for Misty Haggard-Belford for School Board. I have had the pleasure of knowing her personally over the past five years and for me there is no other choice!! She is truly someone that puts our kids first and I feel confident she will continue this in the up coming year and always! Please get out this August and cast your vote for who I believe is the best person for the job!!


Kimberly Wilson Hunt: 

Yesterday, I got out for several hours in our lovely 90 degree heat and walked my neighborhood, knocking on doors with Misty Belford. I support Misty for School Board because I truly feel that she is the best candidate in District 1. I have not exactly kept my opinions to myself over the past 8 years and some of them have not been very flattering to our school system. I have questioned many things and Misty is always responsive and tries to get me accurate information. I do not agree with her on every issue but I know that she questions and probes and tries to see every angle before making a decision. As a teacher, I feel that Misty is supportive and tries her best to help make this profession better. As a parent, I know that the children of this community are her top priority and I would not have it any other way.

Robin Fisher

Robin Fisher

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