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EVERYONE can contribute in some way! 
Choose the support that best fits your comfort zone! Campaigns are a lot of work and take all hands on deck to be successful.  Our goal is to help you find the best way for you to contribute to our success. Browse below for some of the ways you can be involved but don't hesitate to forge your own path of support! All support is appreciated! Let us know how you can help:
What are you interested in?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

Signs, Signs, Signs

It is sign time!  

Yard Signs

Do you need a yard sign for your yard or want some to give out to friends? Request a sign and one of our volunteers will be happy to deliver it to you!  You may also pick signs up at Space Coast Ice Cream, 219 Harrison St., Titusville. 

Larger Signs

Large signs around our community are a necessity for campaigns but, I prefer not to litter random street corners as it gets very messy and often times the signs are removed resulting in lost investment.   Do you have a business on a busy road or intersection where we could place a larger sign?  Do you have property where we could place signs? Send us an email and we will get a volunteer to put one up for you! 

Clerical Support

Addressing thank you cards, labeling mail, running reports, updating the website and social media, making calls, there is plenty to do from the comfort of your desk or your couch if you prefer! 

Meet and greets are a great way to introduce me to your ftiends and encourage their support.  Brew some coffee, put out some cookies, invite your neighbors and friends. Let's talk about how we can work together to improve education in Brevard County.  Can you host a meet and greet?

Thank you for your Support
Please feel free to call or text
to arrange pick up of donations or answers to any questions you may have.
You can also email if it is more convenient at
with names of people to contact or locations that are approved 
for signs.
 Make A Donation
Donations can be made by any company or individual (up to $1,000 per individual) by check made out to Misty Belford for School Board. Contributions may also be made via PayPal via the donate button at the top of the page. Can you contribute to show support? Can you speak to five of your friends and ask them to contribute? If you are not comfortable asking, can you give me the names and numbers of five people to contact that might be willing to donate if I mention your name?

Word Of Mouth

There is no better advertising than you sharing your support of the campaign  with those you know (and those you don't).  Please reach out to your friends in person and on Social Media.  Ask them to join you in supporting the campaign in the ways  that work for them. Can you talk to five people this week about support?


Do It Your Way! 

Have a great idea that we didn't mention?  We love great ideas!  Please share so we can put wheels in motion, find volunteers to support your idea, etc.

 Door Knocking
The absolute best way to reach voters is to visit them at their home.  We are currently walking neighborhoods from the north county line to Cocoa.  Would you be willing to join a group to walk a neighborhood?  Can I print you walk lists and provide materials for you to walk your neighborhood and talk to voters? 


Personal testimonials supporting candidates go a long way to build voter trust.  If you would like to support with a testimonial, please type up a short statement of why you support me as your school board representative.  Email it to me with a picture of yourself or of us together if you have one you like. Better yet, record a short video to be shared on the website and on social media. Feel free to ask your friends to do the same. 


Phone Calls

Not a fan of the heat or of talking to people in person?  We can provide you a list of voters to contact by phone to encourage their support.  We will even provide you with talking points to make it easy.  

Thank you for your support! Please don't hesitate to fill out the form below, email or call me at 407-474-4226 if you have any questions about how you can help. 

Success! Message received.

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